Floating priorities

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Floating priorities

Post by Rhamphoryncus »

I'd like if the priority for something depended on how much work needed to be done, how close the worker is, and then only some influence for time, user override, etc.

The idea is that if an inn is at 49/50 wheat it shouldn't grab a worker from across the map. Instead a local worker should be found, and only a single worker at that. 45/50 might earn 5 workers, but only if they were already close, and more likely it'd have to wait until 30/50 or something to earn a bunch.

If you place a new building it would peel off a few workers as they finish their current jobs, which would immediately lower the priority of that building (not waiting for them to pick up a resource), preventing any more from peeling off. This might go back and forth a bit, but hopefully can be tweaked to converge on a stable point.

This would replace the need for explicit worker controls in most buildings. User priority multiplier, rather than worker count, might be sufficient for the swarm.
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Re: Floating priorities

Post by Giszmo »

there have been many mechanisms proposed so far and i'd like to get rid of one of the two controls "priority" and "worker count" better yesterday than today. guess concept is not the problem neither. problem is the one to implement one of those.

my favorite is to turn worker count into a priority and use some scheduling rule like adding this priority*numberOfFreeTasks each time step to the building's score for getting a worker assigned. once a worker gets assigned, multiply this score by some constant 0 ... 0.9.