new unit: Queen globs

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new unit: Queen globs

Post by quinnteh »

The basic idea is that the Queen glob is a moving Swarm which can harvest wheat for itself to produce units. It can't be upgraded (racetrack, school, etc).

It will need level 4 workers to build, I was thinking maybe letting level 4 workers build a certain kind of building (a Nest?) that will produce 1 Queen glob and then destroy itself. The building will be very expensive to build, needing a high number of all the different types of resources including a smaller number of fruits and even papyrus which is currently unused.

When hungry, it will consume Algae directly from the terrain.

They can only be harmed by magic attacks.
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Re: new unit: Queen globs

Post by Giszmo »

sounds like a concept for a new end game unit without having to have more sliders in the swarm. would that queen (there was a queen in glob1) produce maxed out warriors at the price of 20 random clearable resources each only? would it respect forbidden areas? would it navigate autonomiously?

ok. how about this unit really being indestructable and eating up all resources (maybe even stone and fruit) as a way of guaranteeing an end of the game? moving slowly toward the closest resources spitting out warriors at the rate it can get the resources.

i love this idea :)