Building option: Directly construct/upgrade to level 2 or 3

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Building option: Directly construct/upgrade to level 2 or 3

Post by Farmer Glob »

One of Globs strongest points is the no-micromanagement theme.

One thing I think would fit nicely into this theme, would be the ability to build a building straight to level two or three.

What I mean, is having the option when you construct a building, if you have the appropriate schooling level, you could select to build, for example, a level 2 or 3 tower directly, without having to come back, keep an eye on construction, and select upgrade each time one phase of construction was finished.

The given building would still follow the same construction rules/resource requirements of course. There could still be the different phases of construction, just that when one phase was finished, the globs would automatically begin building it to the next level.

The same thing could apply to upgrading: the ability to go straight from level one to level three.

This would also solve the problem of upgrading buildings that globs enter, when a couple globs jumped in the building before you had a chance to click upgrade, and then construction is put on hold while they finish.

As far as how the interface could handle this, there are many ways, but maybe one could be simply allowing the upgrade button to be clicked early (during construction), multiple times both during constuction and upgrading. Each click would raise an additional destination level. The "cancel" button would instead go down a pending level, if the destination level was more than one level above the current building's level, and be "cancel" if there were no additional levels pending.

For example, > is Upgrade button click, < is Downgrade (currently cancel).
Upgrade to 2 > Upgrade to 3 > (Upgrading to 3)
(Upgrading to 3) < Upgrade to 2 < Cancel Upgrade
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Post by Giszmo »

good idea. but you are not the first to have it. please search the mailing list. it has been proposed earlier to represent plaaned buildings as virtual buildings with all their respective controls ready to use.

if you want to implement it, feel free. this feature would be very welcome. It also would go together with this one: