change position of human player

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change position of human player

Post by Mildred »

Actually in the version of globulation 2 I have, the humal player always starts at the same place in the map. I would like to be able to start elsewhere.

So, in the one player menu, it should be possible to uncheck the human player, and check another slot to start here.
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Post by Giszmo »

change your color.
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Post by GameDealer »

If you change your color does it take you to your oposition's starting place?
Because that's what I think your saying.
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Re: change position of human player

Post by NoSpin »

I have suggested fixing this, so that each player starts on a random location. But to answer your question, each color has a starting location that they will always start at.

If you choose red, then you will always start at the same location.
If you choose the color your opponent usually chooses then you will start where he was starting.
Or if you are playing on a map that supports more then two players, you could choose a different starting location from both and start somewhere new.

But if you want to change your location each time, you need to choose a different color each time.