Is there cheats

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Is there cheats

Post by MAKOKI »

Hi! I would like to know if there are cheats in this game.
If so, how can I use them?
Thanks in advance
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Post by Elvish Pillager »

I believe there are no cheats.
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Post by Donkyhotay »

I've been all over in the source code and haven't found any cheats. Game is designed primarily for multiplayer action and having cheats would make the game unfair so I doubt they will be put in.
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Post by Giszmo »

there is no cheat in the game. apart from using an ai or retreaving information there will be *no cheats possible* that give an advantage over netplayers as this would result in an immediate desync of the game.

other "cheats" would be errors like the one that warriors will not go to the war flag if there is no path to it for example because there is an enemies wall in the path.
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Post by Lg188 »

A cheat related question why can you not typ "/" and somthing after it
in consolle.
I think it is related to som sorte of cheating but dont know how.... :(
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