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I'm very excited to have found Globulation 2 and I think of myself as a person with potential in game design so I'm going to toss in a thought or 2 I have.

Buildings: I personally don't like buildings, sure there are things that have to be buildings, such as guard towers, but there are things that I can't really see a reason for them to be a building.

Here is a list of how I would make some of the buildings, It's not that your approach is a bad approach, it's just different then mine.

Swarm: Instead of a building I would add a tab in the side panel. The panel will let you choose the rate at which you'd like more workers. Instead of the workers sprouting out of a building (which always bothered me in RTS games) I would take the idea from bacteria games and let the Globs split. A worker Glob can harvest grain and build and all things normally, but it can also split, a split Glob becomes two child Globs which would go and find an inn. In the inn they will stay till they have eaten 10 wheat at which point they will come out as a normal worker Glob.
2 child Globs each eat 10 wheat would be like making 1 Glob from 20 wheat. The major differences are that 1 Glob will be "busy" creating the other Glob. And that you don't need the swarm anymore for making workers.
In the same manner a Glob can split and eat and head off into a a barracks to turn into a warrior.
I still have no idea how you make explorers in this manner, but you follow my idea.

Inns: Instead of building inns in 4 squares buildings I'd make a building tool that you can draw an area that will be the inn, every square will need 1 wood to be able to host a Glob, every square without wood will just store 10 wheat. essentially you have the same inns the major difference is that you can expand the inn and that, if attacked, the inn would be destroyed 1 square at a time, so instead of repairing you would ahve to rebuild... which the globes would do by themselves because the area of the inn is already built.

I could also see those ideas implemented as a second race of globs that just build differently.