How do u get rid of flags?

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How do u get rid of flags?

Post by Nanop » Mon Nov 13, 2006 9:08 pm

I'm a beginner to this game. It's really great and I really like its "micro-management". When u place the flags down like the explore, guard, atk, etc flags, how would u get rid of the flags?
I'm working on the tutorial right now

Thanks for ur help :D

Elvish Pillager
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Post by Elvish Pillager » Mon Nov 13, 2006 11:30 pm

Select the flag, then click the little button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen that says "destroy". IIRC, the backspace/delete key has the same effect.
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Post by Giszmo » Sat Dec 02, 2006 12:15 pm

"d" also does the job ;)

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Post by Donkyhotay » Sat Dec 02, 2006 9:06 pm

Remember, it is possible to customize hotkeys for things like this as well. (at least in the latest CVS version you can).
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