Guidelines - read before posting

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Guidelines - read before posting

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When posting here, I would like to keep some sanity so developers can properly follow a discussion. So, this is how it'll work:

First off: SEARCH! chances will become high that somebody else has posted the idea already. If not, you may continue down to the next step.

Second: post properly -
Subject: give a short description of the request.
Body: include things only related to the particular request at hand!

if you have more than one request, Post them seperately! I know you want to write it in one, but that'll be hard for devs to desipher as the thread grows as to which part people want, and which they don't

keep in mind, these are only guidelines, not hard and fast rules. If you feel you have a better way to post your idea/request, feel free to use it. If it's good, I'll put that method in here :)