New Campaign

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New Campaign

Post by Genixpro » Sun Jul 30, 2006 8:53 pm

The game needs a new campaign. Everybody knows it. However, the game also needs a new campaign system. Its two-fold really.

The new campaign system will be more campaign-oriented. The existing system is really just a map-selection menu, you can easily start from the last map. The new menu will be much like in a proprietary game, you start a campaign, you load and save your progress. All of your game saves in the campaign will be seperated from the main game saves. You *will* have to beat the first map to get to the second.

And, no new campaign menu would be complete without a new campaign to go with it. So many ideas swarm into your head when thinking of a campaign. But really, Globulation 2 isn't really a campaign oriented system, it doesn't allow for allot a situational strategy, as you would have in other campaign systems. More-over, Globulation 2 doesn't have great map scripts, and it has no AI scripts at all. This makes situational maps even harder.

So, I propose, instead of a campaign with a story, we pitch a campaign as a set of challenges. Defeating your customized AI opponents in a variety of situations, such as low wheat or wood, isolated on an island, etc..

Without having to entangle a story, we can save plenty of effort.

Unfortently, we still need easy-to-make AI scripts to allow good situational war. Fortenetly, the new AI system Echo does just that, allowing low-barrior programming of AI's. I'm also trying to embedd it to lua, however thats seemingly becoming more and more impossible. Why does every language in this world have to be difficult to embedd ...... I almost feel like *gasp* making me own.
Globulation 2? Wtf? Why not Globulation 3D!!!

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Re: New Campaign

Post by Elvish Pillager » Mon Jul 31, 2006 10:11 pm

Genixpro wrote:I almost feel like *gasp* making me own.
I already own. :twisted:
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