Idea! Cactuses!

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Idea! Cactuses!

Post by Zenfur » Sun Mar 08, 2009 4:23 pm

I have an idea to add cactuses:
* what for? :
They might be used to upgrade walls, upgraded, spiked wall would cause damage when meelee unit hits it.
Traps, it would be fun if we'd be able to make some traps! Let's say that a masked hole with needles inside. It'd be a nice occasion to teach some of our workers something new :), I suggest a new building "research centre" to "research" traps, upgrades of walls etc.
* how would they be like? :
They will cause also damage ( I thought about 4- lvl of harvesting * 10% of maximum life) for unexperienced harvesters.
They would grow in sand, because now on sand nothing can grow, but the condition of growth is that they aren't next to water.
Or maybe make them to be like fruit trees? just for produce needles? Do they need water or no? these tasks should be answered...
Maybe they grow if they have grass near, not water? They should have about 10/10 resources or something.
* other applications? :
Feel free and think out something too! :twisted:
We can also make another application for cactus, let's say that a new tower, which has cactus needles as an ammunition. It would cause more damage and shoot faster.
It also can be used as papyrus: hard to remove wall ;)

Do you like it?
Make your own suggestions for cactuses!
Greetings!! ت