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Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2006 9:48 am
by Dino
I would like to see the ability to create mods,
(not like ... light=mods)

I mean "real" mods like in quake, half life, warcraft, Scorched3D etc... that has to be loaded and can affect the hole gameplay.

Most things shouldn't be complicated; The way i would implement such a thing:
Just add a new directory "mods", move "data", "maps", "campaigns" into mods/glob2. Add an entry "mod" to the main menu where you can select the mod you like to play. Just list all subdirecorys of "mods" in this menu and set the selected dir to the new data dir.
And.. the multiplayer protocoll needs to be able to check mod/mod-version.

I'm not good with c++ (cause i just dont like it) but perhaps i can help a bit with this.