Globulation 3 ideas...

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Globulation 3 ideas...

Post by Smurf » Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:01 am

I have been playing Globulation 2, and am hooked. I was wondering if you are planning to create a version 3, and if so, there are a couple of suggestions...

Firstly, Having workers that could stop harvesting and attack when base is getting hammered would be useful. (A Click on button at the Swarm would suffice).

I am also a fan of ranged attackers, as well as heavy artillary, could these be introduced?

Lastly, it would be nice to be able to control fighting units, so as to define a wider range of tactical gameplay. (A Click on button at the Barracks to turn this option on or off could keep the original idea).

Oh, and having some sort of unit that can steal resources and buildings would add an interesting dimension, too.

Please believe that I am not knocking your game. I love it, although Globulation 2 could do with sound fixes, campaign and tutorial fixes, and hotkey fixes, as well as could be improved upon through the previous suggestions, it has become one of my favourite games.

Brilliant work. :D

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Re: Globulation 3 ideas...

Post by Zenfur » Thu Mar 19, 2009 5:16 pm

Hey there, I see you second time (today) so I guess that you are new. Hello!!! (I am new as well)
Hm, I don't think so that it'll name as "Globulation 3", but it's possible. we already have 0.9.4 (beta?) version.

About Your ideas I have only one to say, this all have already been proposited, but I don't see any move.The only 2 ideas which were accepted and completed are about website. Are other admins "deaf"? Look at : It's the site where ideas and propositions were moved.

I am glad also that You enjoy Globulation as me :)
I'd like also to advertise my one idea : ... abilities-
And suggest to visit this theard:

Greetings!! ت

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