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Welcome to phpBB3

Post by K776 » Sun Feb 10, 2008 4:53 am

Hello everyone,

Welcome to phpBB3. We thought it was about time we upgraded our web software, and to start, an upgrade to phpBB3 took place.

But as with most upgrades, there are a few minor, but easily resolved issues left over.
  • Passwords weren't able to be converted. If you login, and get an error about this, please follow the instructions to reset your password. This should work. IF you don't receive the email (and its not in the spam folder), then please register a new account and private message me your old username, email, and a password you'd like to use temporarily (you'll need to change this when you login to you old account).
  • Not all images, attachments, avatars, and smilies could be moved successfully. If you find something missing, please replace it if possible, or ignore it. Theres nothing much else we can do.
  • The forum theme is gone, but not to worry. It will be recreated once the wiki has been upgraded as well.
  • The forum was regenerated (stats and such updated), and some members were pruned, so if you can't login, your account may have been removed. If this has happened, sorry about this. Feel free to re-register.
Anyway, we hope you have a fun time playing Globulation 2. Thank you for visiting here. Please feel free to do so in the future.


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