Little spell bug(s)

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Little spell bug(s)

Post by Zenfur » Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:47 am

Everyone who will find a spell bug, should post it here :). Me first. (after Giszmo post do it to others to fix it or to praise that you fixed it by yourself, and to set it on this list (all languages, not only english)

YOG said to me "You where kicked from the game"

"You where kicked from the game" -- fixed by Giszmo
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Re: Little spell bug(s)

Post by Giszmo » Mon Apr 20, 2009 4:21 pm

YOG said to me "You where kicked from the game"
If you want to further help fix things you can identify those translatable strings like that:

go to

browsing to manifest -> data -> texts.en.txt you end up here: ... xts.en.txt

in line 1177 you find the evil translation. if you want to fix it, you can download the actual file (the link named "raw"): ... xts.en.txt

if you edit this file using an UTF8-capable editor, never change the keys (those in []) and don't delete or add lines. i guess it's easy to understand how it works.

having done so you can give the file to the mailing list. posting on the forum might take too long to make it in the releases but would also help.

finally you will get rewarded by being mentioned in the authors file and if you do a lot (many changes in another language's file for example) you get write access to the repository. a lot here means as soon as it is more effort to commit your changes than to grant access, you will get access.



(i'lll fix the above mentioned typo. using the above link will show you the typo while using the "browse to manifest -> data -> texts.en.txt" will show you the revised version.)