Crashes after start between linux/win,different files?

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Crashes after start between linux/win,different files?

Post by fede » Mon Jan 05, 2009 5:18 pm

yesterday i involved mate to this game. I'm on ubuntu, he is on windows.
When playing online we crashed after start either when i or he hosting.
He had an "assertion error" popup after crash, like one posted in the bugtracker few time ago, but switching to admin user didn't help.
Finally, when i was going to create again a game, have seen that every map got a number version and a creation date, so i asked him to check same map... his version was same but creation was 01/01/1970 while mine is 06/04/2008. Not sure if windows timestamps work like unix and makes count here, i sent him one of my maps provided with game (/usr/share/games/glob2/maps) and i hosted with that one. Finally it worked!!
Then i rehosted with an IA (Castor i think) to teach him basics, but then we crashed again.

Seems like data files are different between 2 os packages (because also for the IA variation), I assume his download wasn't corrupted because his offline gaming was ok.
Atm got no time to md5sum everything, later i will ask him to send me some of his default maps to give a probe.

I'm lucky that he is really curious and patient, not sure how many possible players would end this story with a "bleah open amateur" :roll:

Hope this post helps!
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Re: Crashes after start between linux/win,different files?

Post by Giszmo » Sat Jan 17, 2009 3:45 am

maybe the assertion would help here but if it is a world desync, what it most likely was, we probably have fixed that already. please try again once beta4 is out. (beta4 still has a crash bug concerning markets)

greetings, giszmo