Not-yet-problem (boost_threads vs. boost_threads-mt)

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Not-yet-problem (boost_threads vs. boost_threads-mt)

Post by Aschmitz » Tue Aug 21, 2007 2:07 am


I started building Glob2 under Ubuntu Gutsy, and ran into a problem with scons. After I installed the required packages (listed on the "Obtaining the Release Candidate" wiki page), running scons complained that boost_threads was not installed. In fact, I had just installed it. After poking around a little bit on the Internet, I found that for some reason "ld -lboost_threads" doesn't seem to work in Debian upstream. (see ... bug=425992)

I fixed this by editing the SConstruct file to use check for and use boost_threads-mt, which is the "new" name of the same package. This time, scons ran fine. Is there a way to pass this information to scons without hacking up SConstruct? Is this something (else) that could/should be checked for by the script?

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Post by K776 » Sun Sep 02, 2007 6:40 am

Hmm, ok. I suppose in Beta 2, if we have any more problems, we could ass a few more command line options for SDL, boost, speex, vorbis etc etc (where computer with custom / different install directory can still compile.

In the mean time, download the latest 0.9.1 which has just been release and see if the problem still exists.