GrowFast Strategy

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GrowFast Strategy

Post by Genixpro » Mon Dec 19, 2005 6:21 pm

Well, heres my strategy that has allowed me to win every netgame i played on. First of all, put 5 workers an every swarm, and maintian that number throughout the match. Get an explorer or two, and place an exploration flag right over your first swarm, set it to maximum radius. This flag will give you some space to work with right off the bat.

Building *everything*. As in, put up 10 inns, setting two people to work on each. Build a swimming pool,. racetrack, a few schools, atlezst 3 barracks, everything. Ignore the fact that you probably have only 3 workers right at the start, and ignore that big -50 job count in the upper right corner of your screen. And don't forgett a couple of swarms, put 5 on each for construction.

Your things will slwoly start to appear. The 5 globs on your swarm garuntees that you'll be getting workers at a fairly fast rate, as fast as you can get them. Workers will be made, which will quickly start looking for a job, and there are certainly tons of jobs. The buildings will slowly get constructed, along with your huge number of inns to compensate for the huge influx of globs.

Start producing warriors as soon as you get your first barracks done. Make a 3-worker 2-warrior ratio on your swarms. You will soon see lots of warriors, who will head straight for your barracks, training silently. Your army is growng. Eventually, you will have three schools done, check the statistics panel to see how many level 2 globs you have. If you have enough, upgrade your barracks and racetrack. Put as many workers on one building as possible rather than spreading them out evenly among all of your buildings (I know this sounds counterintuative compared to what we did earlier),

Once you have level 2 barracks, use the statistics panel to keep track of how many level 3 warriors you have, when you get 7 or 8, launch an attack on your enemy. Make sure to select the minimum level for warriors, put it at level 3, this will force your remaining warriors to continue their training rather than come here to fight. You only want your strong warriors.

Soon your army will be large, your worker base willl be large. Those 10 inns are starting to get full, so get upgrading them. At this point you better cut back on your production, if you have 70 or 80 workers, your good, so turn off worker production. If you have around 60-80 warriors, your good, so turn off warrior production. Don't drop the number of units assigned to swarm unless in an emergency too many unit situation, where you still want to be producing units (quite rare). Its preferable to be producing units at the fastest rate possible rather than slowly. Yes, this involves allot more of keeping track of numbers, particularly your number of workers and numbers of edxplorers.

Eventually, you'll have level 3 schools, and a whole pile of other level 3 buildings. Start to build up your explorer base, probably around 30-40 explorers, in preperation for an explorer attack. The explorers will head straight for the schools, sharing priority with your workers. And sooner or later they will start coming out, at this point you now have explorers ready for explorers attacks. Place an exploreation flag at your enemies base so that its blue-line ring touches as many enemy buildings as possible. Remember explorers fly on the outside of the exploration flag, so the buiilding on this inside will get hardly touched. Tell your exploration flag to use only explorers that can attack ground, and watch the magic happen!

Explorer attacks are hard to fend off, so if someone starts attacking you, there only one thing you can do: make an exploration flag center around where their explorers tend to be, adjust its radius, and set it to use 20 or so explorers. Set your explorer production on swarms to full. Explorers can attack other explorers right from the start of their life, so if you want to keep you enemy from attacking your buildings, you have to give them an alternate target. As well, your explorers will be attacking as well, slowly widdling down your enemies explorers health.

All in all this strategy is alll about reaching level 3 barracks quickly, very quickly. You want to arm and launch your army asap, but not at level 1 or 2. If your enemies army is particularly weak, you can do a level 2 attack, but it is not recomennded. So long as you stick to the intstructions, you should be able to beat your enemy to a strong army. If your enemy focuses too much on warrior production, you may just be fighting an army of level 1's, and he won't have enough workers to make his base and upgrade his buildings on a large scale like you. So, do your best, and have fun owning all!

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Post by Elvish Pillager » Thu Dec 22, 2005 11:55 pm

You should have some of your army pounding on the enemies, in case it kills them off. I always do that, or at least harass their settlements. At any rate, be agressive in placing your warriors.
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Post by AppleBoy » Sat Dec 24, 2005 8:31 am

totally good idea, now I know how to get back at you :twisted: :twisted:

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Post by fernandofurey » Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:56 pm

I certainly agree with Elvish Pillager. Your advice is really very helpful for us.
Elvish Pillager wrote:You should have some of your army pounding on the enemies, in case it kills them off. I always do that, or at least harass their settlements. At any rate, be agressive in placing your warriors.
Thanks a lot!

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